At some point in our lives, we probably all have heard our mom say, “stop biting your nails.” You probably never thought anything of it and you may still do it today. Some may bite their nails while taking a test or waiting for important news. Most say that’s just a bad habit they have or its stress related. This is just one of many “bad habits” people may think they have.

We have all heard of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. But have you ever heard of Body-Focused Repetitive Disorder? Many have not, but may actually suffer from the condition and not even know it. It usually develops early in both males and females, but tends to show up in more adult females. The definition states this disorder is a compulsive behavior that causes physical damage to oneself. These can include nail biting, nose picking, hair pulling, hair eating, and skin picking. So those so-called “bad habits” are actually behavioral disorders that can lead to serious complications.

For some, this could be something that is under control and does not affect their everyday lives. There are those who do suffer on a more serious level and if left untreated could lead to very unhealthy living. These behaviors can lead to other complications such as sores or infections. It may also have negative effects on how society sees them. Most are embarrassed or ashamed of their disorder and need professional help in order to take control of them.

Many know who Olivia Munn is, best known for co-hosting Attack of the Show on G4. She came out a few years ago as having trichotillomania disorder. She would pull out her eyelashes as a result of BFRD. For her it was pretty simple to hide by wearing fake eyelashes but being in the public eye made it a little more challenging to deal with. This just shows there are many different people who suffer from BFRD and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

There are different ways to treat this disorder. Medications can be given to try and help with the condition. Many though find the most success with professional help or groups for support.