Q: How much do services at Albert Knapp & Associates cost?

A: At AKA rates are reasonable and commensurate with experience. All fees are discussed and agreed upon prior to beginning any service. You can always contact Dr. Knapp to discuss the fees for the type of service that would benefit your child or adolescent. Many private insurance plans are accepted to help lower cost, as well as discounts for paying for services up front. AKA will also provide a Superbill for families that wish to use their out of network insurance benefits.


Q: How long will therapy take? 
A: Each individual responds to therapy differently therefore it is hard to predict how long therapy will take. However, at AKA we use only empirically validated treatment approaches that are designed to target maladaptive symptoms or behaviors and replace them with coping skills and positive behaviors. Remember, at AKA we are The Fast Track to Better Behavior!


Q: How long does a psychological evaluation take?
A: There are four appointments that occur as a part of a psychological evaluation. It is very important that a psychological evaluation be completed quickly and throughly, as often times it will help families access appropriate treatment for their child or adolescent. Therefore, at AKA we schedule all testing appointments for as soon as possible after the initial parent interview, and then have feedback a week after the last testing appointment. On average, psychological evaluations take 2-3 weeks from first appointment to the feedback session.


Q: What does therapy for a my child look like?
A: At AKA we use play therapy techniques, so your child will be playing with his or her clinician. For your child he or she will love coming to see us because therapy will be fun! Through play children communicate and learn, so it is the best modality to use with children. At the end of each 45 minute play session, the parents are debriefed about how the session went and what was worked on. Please see our “Services” page for more details about play therapy.


Q: What age ranges do you work with?
A: We will start seeing children in play therapy as young as 3 years. Children younger than 3 could benefit from a psychological evaluation, or co-joint parent/child sessions. We see up to young adults (age 21) in therapy, and will provide a psychological evaluation up to middle-adulthood (age 40).


Q: What is your Privacy Practices Policy?
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Q: What is your Electronic Communication Policy?
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Still have questions or wondering if AKA is the right place for you and your family? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 310 376 2468 or email at [email protected]

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