Sexuality Training for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Their Parents

Albert Knapp & Associates (AKA) provides two groups using the evidenced-based program developed by Elevatus both funded by the Westside Regional Center (WRC) to provide evidenced-based sexuality training for individuals with developmental disabilities and their parents. 


The two groups are as follows: 

Sexuality Training for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: This is a 22-week course covering the following topics: Gender Identity & Expression, Different Types of Relationships, Public and Private, Friendship, Communication, Decision Making, Moving from Friend to Partner/Sweetheart, Internet, Social Media, & Communication, Many Roads to Relationships, Being in a Relationship, Has Your Relationship Gone Bad, Body Parts, Caring for Your Body, Sexual Feelings, Attraction Acts, Communicating About Sex, Challenges or Things That Can Go Wrong, Decision about having a Child, Avoiding Pregnancy, and Getting a Sexually Transmitted Infection. 


Parent Group: This is a 2hr workshop covering human sexual development, sexual interests and concerns, topics to teach, tips for discussing sexuality, using the Scarborough method, responding to behaviors, and parent resources. 


Interested parties for either group should contact AKA at 310 376 2468 or [email protected] for the current date and time for the groups, along with scheduling a free screening for the group (22week group only). The individual that wants to attend the group along with their parent or caregiver must attend the free screening. To access funding through any regional center interested parties should contact their service coordinator, make sure you indicate that Albert Knapp & Associates is a vendor through Westside Regional Center (WRC).