These days with teenage suicide, bullying, and self-harm on the rise, many getaway camps aren’t just offering wilderness survival skills and outdoor fun. Summer camps are including the regular beautiful outdoor scenery, friendship building, and outdoor activities such as swimming in lakes, canoeing and learning to make a fire. However, now they are also including therapists and social workers. A twist on summer camps is now taking effect and on the rise as more and more teens are needing medical and therapeutic attention.

These camps can be incredibly beneficial to a child and particularly to teenagers who are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, or even any teenager who might need some time away. These camps are overnight and take teens away from their cell phones, technology, and most importantly the social media that is generating more anxiety and peer pressure on teenagers.

While at these camps, that according to the American Camp Association are generating around $18.8 billion annually, teenagers will have access to therapists and group sessions that can help them with social skills, peer pressure, and addressing the needs and concerns of teens in general.

It has been proven that these getaway camps allow teens time away from their daily environment and into an environment that allows for time for them to connect in person, build friendships, and focus on themselves and learning to cope with their emotions.

Although many teenagers at first have a hard time settling in with no technology and no access to their friends, they soon will adapt to their environment and gain something positive out of the experience. In the beginning, it can feel to the teenager that they may be missing out from their daily lives and social media, however, after a few days they will develop new friendships and begin to feel possibly even relief from being able to get away from any stresses in their day to day life.

The camp counselors are providing amazing help to teenagers in need and those who just need someone to talk to or simply guidance.