At Albert Knapp & Associates we know that holistic growth in children is not easy to achieve. Although many people claim to be experts in child therapy, not all of them have the know-how on how to offer real therapeutic help to children. That is not the case at AKA! We have highly trained staff members who are here to help your child. For starters, we want to share two child therapy techniques that will take them back on track, both socially and psychologically.

First, it is important that children understand what anger is and also know how to release it appropriately. To help them understand anger and how to let go of it, children are subjected to a therapy technique called Balloons of Anger. In this technique, the child blows up a balloon and the therapist ties it up. After this, the therapist should explain that the balloon represents the body and the air in it represents anger. They should teach the child that, just like the air in the balloon, anger should be released safely. They should at one point fill the balloon with air and let the children stomp it until it explodes. They should liken this to an aggressive/combatant act occasioned by anger.

The Spy and the Sneak is another therapeutic technique that can be used to counsel children into the right behaviors. It was designed to change negative family interactions into positive ones. It helps family members appreciate one another and also boost their self-esteem. The therapist should discover sneaky positive behaviors that the child can engage in to surprise her parents. In this case, the children are the sneaks and parents are the spies. The therapist should first meet the child and discuss some positive accomplishments to be achieved within a certain period, say a week. Next, the therapist meets the parent and the child to discuss the positive activities that the child will engage in within the specified period. The parent will be assessing the progress of the child and they both will be meeting the therapist from time to time to discuss the progress.