The United States National Survey of Children’s Health found out that more preschoolers aged between 2 to 5 years are overmedicated. The data indicates that more than 56% of children are now diagnosed with serious conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). This means that many younger children in the present times are using drugs to help them deal with their conditions at a younger and earlier stage in life.

The findings of the research show that many of preschoolers are offered drugs that have not been tested or approved for their daily use even in their younger age. They lack behavioral therapy and they cannot be helped in dealing with the conditions in the most perfect way. With time, such drugs may present them with side-effects such as irritability, depression, disorders and anxiety. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, antipsychotics should not be issued without measure to younger children. This is because they are powerful and always have high levels of side-effects. It may offer children with serious side-effects such as weight gain, high cholesterol, diabetes, neurological disorders and cardiovascular diseases. There is a need for effective intervention and psychologists need to simply disseminate the most proven evidence based interventions that cover on the psychological needs of their preschoolers. The solution will play a major role in helping younger children who have been exposed to such powerful drugs and it will also help them live a better healthier life in the future.

There is a requirement of coming up with formal parenting intervention that will help in determining the behavior of preschoolers who use these drugs. Those under 6 years need more attention because they do not understand anything about prescriptions and safe drug usage. It is a positive approach to helping parents develop their care as they offer their children the best care and reinforcements that will shape their good behaviors as well as consistent discipline. Psychologists believe that with this approach, parents will be able to raise their children well and help them counter their conditions at a tender age.