The development of social skills in all kids, especially those with special needs, is important for them to build relationships and connect with others on a more in-depth level. Scheduling play dates when your child has an off day can help your child practice social, communication, and play skills. It is important to prepare yourself and your child for this play date and to schedule it in a safe setting with parents who are aware of your child’s special needs.

Before scheduling the play date, it is not only important to find parents who understand your situation, but a child as well. You should choose someone who is very understanding, helpful, and plays well with others. You should also make sure they have appropriate communication, play, and social skills for their age. This will ensure that your child will have an enjoyable experience and will learn how to better their social skills. You can speak with their school, friends, or coworkers to find someone who is willing to help you and your child schedule a time to get together.

When having a play date, you do not want to spend too long out because it could cause for a fussy situation trying to leave. Set a specific time limit on how long you will be there. For example, you could stay for thirty minutes, spending fifteen minutes each on the activities you choose. It is important to pick something both children will enjoy. You can talk to your child and the parent of the other child to discuss which activities will be best and enjoyed most by all.

Developing good social skills can help your child excel in all aspects of their life as they grow. Play to Learn is a play therapy company that can help your child build outstanding social skills. They offer services for children as young as three and do different assessments, set goals, and create a plan that is personalized to what your child needs.