It can be quite difficult for active children to stop their brains from functioning at a high rate of activity once bedtime arrives. The child will wonder what everyone else is doing as well as thinking about games to play or monsters under the bed. Basically the child is focused on everything but sleep. Children need sleep to function and be healthy so parents of active kids need to learn the best way to go about bedtime. Below is a quality checklist to use before bedtime to be successful in getting kids to sleep.


Create the perfect environment for bedtime. Ensure the room is quiet and dark. Televisions need to be turned off as well as other electronic devices. Create a comfortable space where the child can relax and fall to sleep.

Promote Activity in the Day Time

To ensure your child will be tired for bed time, be sure to promote activity during the day time hours. Spend time outside and let the kids run around to expend their energy.

Turn off and relax

About an hour before bedtime, turn everything off. No electronics such as television or tablets. Have your child take a bath or read to relax. This quiet time will trigger the body that it is nearing time for bed which will help your child go to sleep.

Establish a Routine

To promote good sleeping habits, it is best to establish a bedtime routine. This routine needs to take place each and every night. Whether you have the child take a bath, read to them or sing, do the same steps each night. This routine will allow the body to focus on going to sleep and help wind your child down for the evening.

Following these steps will ensure your child is ready to relax during the nighttime hours. While they sleep, you can recharge and rest easy knowing that your child is getting the sleep they need.