Children with Autism present with a unique set of qualities and abilities. These children might seem different from typically developing children, but they really aren’t. Children with Autism have interests and strengths just like all other children, the interests are just often not like the interests of other children. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t build upon those strengths. Learning how to do so is very important in your child’s success in all aspects of life. Let’s focus on how to hone in on your child’s strengths and interests.

Find What Your Child Loves or Is Good At

The first step in helping your child is to find out what they are really interested in or what they are good at. Watch your child as he/she plays and what they seem to put their focus on. Even though children with Autism often focus on interests that seem unorthodox to other people, remember that anything your child is interested in and gets excited about is good! Parents should take an interest in those things as well.

Build Him/Her Up

The second step to helping focus your child’s strengths is to build him/her up. Does your child love dinosaurs? Take him to the museum, read dinosaur books, and he could become a successful archeologist! Does your child take a special interest in maps? Buy her a globe, take trips, watch travel shows and she could become a successful photographer, geographer, etc. The possibilities are endless when a child is given experiences within their interests.

Support Your Child in All They Do

Lastly, support your child no matter what. While the interests of children with Autism are not always typical or might not make sense to us adults, they need support regardless! Providing experiences and strengthening your child’s interests provides an atmosphere for them to excel, no matter what the circumstances!