It has been said that giving birth to a child is the simple part of the task. The real task lies in bringing them up. Once a child has been born, the most valuable resource that you can afford to them is time. While most parents might cut back on this and instead supplement the missed time with cordial gifts, like the child’s favorite toy, there are repercussions. Above that think of the consequences that missing time with your child could have on their growth.

Time is the most important resource and this is even more true to a child. Being there shows a child that they are important and they matter. This is true even for adults so you can imagine just how much more important it is to a child. 

The best and most obvious thing about spending time with your child is that you get to know them better. This way, they not only see you as a parent but also as a friend. Overtime, you are able to have a better relationship with more understanding between you and your child. Undisputedly, this is what every parent wants and can be among the hardest to achieve. 

In most cases, a child’s behavior will be a reflection of those that they spend most of their time around. Hence if you intend for them to be as properly behaved as you, then that would mean spending more time with them. That way they are able to emulate you.

While these might only be a handful of reasons to spend more time with your children, the truth of the matter is spending time with your kids has endless benefits and it is something that no parent should attempt to compromise on. 

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