Meet Alicia Glover

Alicia Glover is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, #1-15-28214. She received her MA in Teaching with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis from National University. She received her BA in Liberal Studies with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, Northridge.

Alicia has worked with her children for most of her life, and realized at a young age that her passion was to foster a love of learning and knowledge in the future generation. This passion led her to pursue her teaching credentials through CSUN. After completing her credential and spending time working within the school district, she was drawn to seek help for the children struggling in school whose needs were not being met. Eventually, she began working in the field of ABA and realized her calling was to work one-on-one with the children who needed help the most, rather than teaching in a classroom. The more work she does with children on the spectrum, the more her love and admiration for them continues to grow. She is constantly awed by their creativity and desire to learn.

Alicia Glover has been in her field for 8 years and been a supervisor for 4 years. She has experience working with children from all areas of the Spectrum and in a variety of different environments. She also has experience working with children who have severe communication deficits and use alternative methods of communication. She is very interested in the use of technology such as AAC devices and iPads as tools to better reach children with special needs.

Alicia joins AKA as a BCBA Supervisor in charge of individual ABA programs, as well as, the RBT Training and supervision of the Behavior Interventionists.