Meet Caesar Ribeiro

Caesar Augustus Pinto Ribeiro, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA 1-21-47620). Caesar is from Brazil and is trilingual (English, Portuguese, and Spanish) and a father of 2. He completed his education n California and obtained both his bachelor’s degree (Psychology) and Master’s of Science (Applied Behavior Analysis) from California State University of Northridge. He then obtained his board certification in ABA in 2021. He has been in the field of ABA since 2013, first as a behavioral therapist, then as a program coordinator, behavioral consultant, associate clinician, clinician, and eventually a supervisor. Caesar Ribeiro comes to us with experience working with clients ranging from as early as 1 year 2 months to the age of 67 years across all severity levels. He also worked with both individuals on the autism spectrum as well clients with other developmental or intellectual disabilities. Caesar has worked in multiple environments providing ABA support including in the clinical setting, in-home setting, in school setting, and group home settings. Caesar is both observant and inquisitive and his passion in ABA comes from the need to understand behavior. His professional goal is to help individuals obtain the best quality of life improvements through ABA and to advocate for ABA to individuals whose age groups are severely impacted in its application such as adults and the elderly population.¬†