Meet John Mews

john-mewsWorking with families of children with special needs is near and dear to John’s heart. Growing up John spent a lot of time with an uncle who had special needs. His parents taught John to love him unconditionally and to see the potential in him. He was an integral, active and loving part of their family. John was often surprised at how people judged and viewed him as being different. He was able to do many things that you wouldn’t expect he could do. This is why John is always looking for the highest potential in all of his clients.

John has been working with families and children with special needs for the past 12 years. After he completed his bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy, he started his own private practice. Over the years John has witnessed the amazing power of music to transform lives and relationships for the better.
John believes that most children with special needs see themselves as being different, and feel stressed and overwhelmed by everyone trying to “fix” them. His approach is to build confidence early on by leveraging each child’s individual gifts and strengths. This helps to ensure that goals and objectives can be achieved as quickly and effectively as possible.

In 2004 John graduated with his bachelor of music therapy from Capilano College in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. John has built a music therapy private practice and has focus on working with children with developmental disabilities.
In 2010, John complete his masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. John wanted to expand his practice to support the whole family. John believes that if the family unit is healthy, the child with special needs will be healthy as well. Families with children who have special needs are often stressed, broken and feel isolated. John believes that supporting these families is critically important to the success and well-being of the child.

John loves to share his passion for music therapy and its many benefits. John has given workshops and has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences in the US and Canada. In 2011, John began teaching in the Music Therapy faculty at Capilano University. He enjoys teaching and educating others and has written multiple articles for the Autism Parenting Magazine.

John recently moved to Los Angeles and is thrilled to be practicing music therapy in California.He is also grateful to have joined Albert Knapp & Associates as a Music Therapist and Marriage and Family Intern (IMFT (IMF79164) under the supervision of the Licensed Psychologist Albert Knapp, Psy.D., BCBA-D (PSY 25873) to continue his passion in helping support families and children through music and family therapy. John is looking forward to supporting you and your family. For more information please visit his webpage.