Take a look back at your past high school experience. Think about how much you and your friends were talking. There were the late night phone calls that lasted late into the night, talking at breaks during school, and weekend sleepovers that you’d stay up way past bedtime chatting and laughing. This social bonding has changed dramatically over the years with the introduction of technology. From passing notes in class and AOL chat messages to text messaging and instant messaging now, talking with your friends has changed faces.

When it comes to your teenager, you may wonder if they are texting too much when you look at your phone bill. Perhaps you notice that they have sent as many as 10,000 messages a month. You may notice the number is higher than that when you take a look at the bill. However, is this considered too much texting or conversing with friends?

According to recent advice given, even the 10,000 messages on your phone bill each month is the “norm” for teens and texting. This is because when your teens are chatting back and forth, those one or two sentences can become a lot of text messages. Perhaps one sentence is sent as two messages depending on how long it is. Those add up quickly.

Bonding and building relationships is a huge part of the teenage experience. Those friendships and relationships can move on into college and beyond. Teens needs those important relationships and bonds that can help through the good times and the bad ones. Consider what friends you have now and the ones you have that were high school buddies. You have most likely leaned on the during difficult times in your life and your teens will do the same thing.

Set boundaries and guidelines for your teens texting habits but understand that texting is the norm. It is here to stay and offers a fantastic way for your teens to communicate, build friendships, and have contacts that last a lifetime.

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201608/advice-how-much-texting-is-too-much-my-teen