Parenting Groups

AKA is now offering a drop-in parent group, entitled Parenting is Never Easy. Our group is 50% skill building and 50% parent support, and designed to suit parents of young toddlers to know-it-all teenagers.

Topics include: Using Positive Discipline, Understanding Parenting Styles, Limit Setting On and Off The Screen, Developmentally Appropriate Activities, Healthy Communication, Knowing your Child’s Friends, Internet Safety (12 years and older), and Sex & Drugs (12 years and older).  Contact office ([email protected]) for the next date of your preferred topic.

Groups meet Wednesdays 6:30pm-8pm @ AKA’s Clubhouse located at 1300 Aviation Blvd. Redondo Beach CA 90278. Look for the blue door! MUST RSVP TO ATTEND

Max Group Size 10 & and able to be funded by private insurance (insurance approval required).

Cash Rate: $50 per parent, $75 per couple. Group attendees are required to pay the cash rate if insurance denies payment.

 Parenting is Never Easy is run by one of our Licensed MFTs, Erika Hall (LMFT 39438)