This century has seen a rise in a lot of different electronic gadgets prepared for entertainment and communication that are easily accessible to children. Although at first these gadgets seemed like a really nice source of entertainment to children the devices have now become a major concern for children’s growth due to the screen addiction that most children are now experiencing.
With children spending most of their hours glued on these gadgets playing games, they have had less time to interact out in the real world and some Chinese doctors have even taken this situations seriously and are now considering this as a clinical disorder forcing them to build rehabilitation centers to try and isolate children from these devices while carrying out draconian therapy.
While parents have tried to hand their teenage kids gadgets to try and entertain themselves, the kids have taken the devices and used them for internet access where they end up spending more hours there such that they no longer have enough time for the real world and surroundings which has caused a big health concern. Even kids as young as 8 years old now spend over eight hours on technological devices and this is clear proof that the gadgets are taking over and something has to be done quickly especially because currently most parents have few or no rules at all that control their children access to these devices.
Doctors direct that children especially those of age 2 and below should never spend time on any electronic devices because they need time to interact in the real world which hugely helps with their brain development.
Electronic media have a lot of negative effects on children like exposure to violent video games can lead to children becoming violent themselves, the children will also have less time to engage in important school activities like studying because they will end up wasting time on their gadgets, too much time on these devices has also seen a decrease in time spent on connecting with parents and friends and this can lead to a lot of quarrels due to misunderstandings, physical consequences can also arise from this addictions because many times the kids will develop pain around their wrists and fingers and also back and neck pains will become common, and according to research conducted by various groups e.g. Pew Research Center they also found out that teenagers spend a lot of time texting in bed instead of sleeping and this leads to sleep deprivation which is harmful for their health.
Therefore screen addiction is a serious issues and hence parents should try and control the access and usage of electronic gadgets among their children in order to ensure that they do not interfere with their required normal growth.