When it comes to handling news of a terrorist attack, adults can react in different ways. Typically, adults can handle the situation and understand how to cope with it. What about when it comes to your children? Do you know how to help them understand these attacks and how to cope with them? It can be hard to figure out, but there are a few tips you can use to help your children understand and cope with these terrible instances when they do occur. Discover a few tips below that are recommended by the National Association of School Psychologists.

Remain Calm

Adults should remain calm at all times when around children. If you are upset and nervous, your children will model this behavior. Try to calm yourself down when around your children or take a timeout so that you can help your child handle the news.

Help Them Remember They Are Safe

Very few terrorist attacks happen on U.S. soil. Remind your children of this and that they are very safe where they are. This reassurance can help them to handle the situation and calm down when an upsetting situation is on the television.

Tell the Truth On Their Level

Remember how old your children are and try to explain things to their maturity levels. There is no reason to go into immense detail when you’re children are  young. Those elementary aged children will not need to know as much details as your high school student will. Also tell them the truth. Children know when you’re telling stories and they want the truth as you do.

Keep it Normal and Help Them Through

Your children need to know that it’s okay for them to be upset about what is going on. Help them understand that anger is fine but we need not to act on our anger. Also try to keep their normal routine going as much as possible. Normalcy goes a long way in helping your child cope with the situations at hand.


Source: www.nasponline.org