There are many ways in which children present themselves as wonderful beings. Each child has unique attributes that add on to her personality and understanding the abilities and limitations of each child is extremely interesting.

In education, children tend to be categorized using tests that measure certain types of intelligence. The problem with these standardized tests is that there are a number of things they don’t measure, which make a big difference. There have been a number of studies on twice-exceptional students, a group that has been commonly left out, considered as a group that lacks the median abilities of other children.

Twice-exceptional students, or 2e students, are children or even young adults who, with certain developmental or mental deficiencies show extraordinary intelligence in specific areas, turning them into a type of geniuses in specific fields. These children, time ago classified as ‘not smart enough’ and often let go from schools and regular programs, have extraordinary abilities that when channeled properly, can contribute hugely to our world.

Having been unidentified until the late 70’s, their abilities were not taken advantage of for a very long time. However, with more recent studies and time dedicated to understanding them this group has blossomed unexpectedly. These students have a disorder in at least one of their psychological processes that involve understanding language, whether written or spoken and there are tens of thousands of students that can be classified as 2e, making them a really important group that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Even though there has been a change and a growing awareness for this group since the 70’s, the truth is that many of them still fall through the cracks of the rigid system that doesn’t know how to identify them or how to help them. This is why it is still important to keep raising the awareness for them and to make sure that we don’t classify people so easily into a black or white group.