When you have a child who is dealing with autism, it is vital that you know their rights when it comes to their education. Everyone has availability to learn and the freedom to get an education that can help them succeed down the road. Education is tailored differently depending on the needs of your student. However, there are certain rights that your child has that you should be aware of when it comes to autism and their success in education.
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, is the particular law that guarantees your child’s right to a free education in the public school system. This means your child can get a valuable education without it meaning you have to send them to a private school or paying high prices. It was amended in 2014 to also make sure that you as the parent have a big role in the part of planning your child’s educational future.
The particular services that IDEA provides include:

  • Both you and your child can have a part in the decision-making process
  • Guarantees that the environment your child learns in is the least restrictive possible
  • Your child will receive an IEP which is a program that is individualized for your child
  • Guarantees the right of your child to an appropriate education

What’s in an IEP?
There are also related services that are provided under the IDEA legislation. They need to be written into your child’s IEP though for your child to take advantage of them. Services such as transportation, speech therapy, occupational therapy and counseling services are all covered under this legislation. It is very important that you, the teacher, and your child sit down together to work on the IEP to form one that is best for your child’s benefit. Your child has the right to an appropriate education and you have the right to help in the decision-making process yourself.

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